(ghost) - Departure
(ghost) - A Vast and Decaying Appearance
(ghost) - Elas EP
Aerosol - Airborne
Aerosol - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (remaster)
Aerosol - Leave
Another Electronic Musician - Five
Another Electronic Musician - States Of Space
Arovane - Cycliph (remaster)
Arovane - Ve Palor
Asonat - Forever We Ran
Asonat - Rather Interesting
Bavaria - We'll Take a Dive
Bitcrush - Collapse
Bitcrush - From Arcs To Embers
Bitcrush - Enarc (remaster)
Bitcrush - Epilogue In Waves (remaster)
Bitcrush - Shimmer and Fade (remaster)
Bitcrush - Shipwrecked
Bitcrush - From Sinking
Bitcrush - Palms
Bitcrush - Dead Corners
Boy is Fiction - Deeper than Static
Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba - A Single Beam of Daylight
Buspin Jieber - Night Drive EP
bvdub - All Is Forgiven
bvdub - Born In Tokyo
bvdub - A History of Distance
bvdub - Tanto
bvdub - Heartless
bvdub - Explosions in Slow Motion
bvdub - Drowning in Daylight
bvdub - Wrath & Apathy
bvdub - Violet Opposition
Crisopa - Biodance
Crisopa - A Lucid Dream Kit
Dalot - Loop Over Latitudes
Dalot - Minutestatic
Dalot - Missing Pieces
Dalot - Ancestors
Dalot - Mutogibito
Dalot & M.Cadoo - Phantom Strains
Daniel McCagh - Altered States
Daniel McCagh - Imagining Machines
Dreissk - To Nowhere
Dreissk - Seiche
Dryft - Ventricle
Dryft - The Blur Vent
Earth House Hold - Never Forget Us
eleventhfloorrecords - eleventhfloorrecords
Ent - Welcome Stranger (remixes)
Erin Gould - Exit Songs
Erode - Horizon
Ex Confusion - Embrace
Ex Confusion - With Love
Ex Confusion - I Remember When
Fall Therapy - You Look Different
Fall Therapy - S/T
Franck Zaragoza - Felins - Noir Sur Blanc
Ghostcode - Ghostcode EP
Ghost Bike - Sun of the Dead
Gimmik - Entre Les Chambres
Gimmik - Cloudwalker
Gimmik - Deux Nouvelles
Gimmik - Sonic Poetry
Good Weather For an Airstrike - Little Steps
Jason van Wyk - Threads
Jason van Wyk - Descendants
Jonathan Read - Stooky Bill
Julien Boulier - A Film Not Yet Made
Last Days - Sea
Last Days - The Safety Of The North
Last Days - Satellite
Last Days - Seafaring
Loess - Burrows
Loess - Totems
M-Band - All Is Love EP
M.Cadoo - Atom
M.Cadoo - Density
M.Cadoo - All The Ends You Wish To Conceive
M.Cadoo & P.Stephan - Ujat-jhem
Mike Cadoo - Alone, Together
Mike Cadoo - The Disillusion of Recall
Mark Harris - In the Forests_The Animals Are Moving
Melorman - Somewhere, Someday
Melorman - Away
Mikael Delta & Hior Chronik - The First Ray
Miwon - Jigsawtooth
MuskoakA - Time Is
Muted - Special Place EP
Near The Parenthesis - Music For The Forest Concourse
Near The Parenthesis - Japanese For Beginners
Near The Parenthesis - The Near Pairing Thesis
Near The Parenthesis - Cloud.Not Mountain
Near The Parenthesis - Helical
Near The Parenthesis - Intervals
Northcape - Glasshouse EP
Ocoeur - A Parallel Life (vinyl)
Ocoeur - Reversed
Ocoeur - Reversed - Remixes
Ocoeur - Inner
Ocoeur - Everything
Ocoeur - Connections
Offland - Afterglow
OKADA - Impermanence
OKADA - Floating Away From The World
OKADA - Misery
OKADA - Life is but an Empty Dream
OKADA - Fragility
Proem - Enough Conflict
Proem - Till There's No Breath
Proem - Until Here for Years
Ruxpin - Where Do We Float From Here?
Ruxpin - I Wonder if This is the Place
Ruxpin - This Time We Go Together
Ruxpin - Avalon (Remaster)
SineRider - Lifecycles EP
SineRider - Seconds Minutes
Stray Theories - All That Was Lost
Stray Theories - This Light
Stray Theories - Fragments
SubtractiveLAD - Life At The End Of The World
SubtractiveLAD - Kindred
Suumhow - Crash_Reports
Suumhow - Secuund
Tapage - Overgrowm
The Slows - Nuvvles
To Destroy A City - Go Mirage
Various Artists - Air Texture Volume IV
Various Artists - Igloo Tracks V2
Various Artists - The Reconstruction of Fives
Various Artists - MMX
Vague Lanes - Cassette
Vcam - Aconide
Vcam - Cycle
Winterlight - Hope Dies Last
Winterlight - I Can't Start Feeling Happy For Being Sad
Winterlight - The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days
Winterlight - Gestural Abstractions
Worriedaboutsatan - Time Lapse
Zahn | Hatami | McClire - Ypsilon
37N,122W is the boutique mastering arm of the n5MD record label.

We offer afforable one price in-box mastering. Specializing in digital content delivery via MP3, DDP and/or 24bit LP premasters.

37N,122W is an Apple approved provider of "Mastered For iTunes (MFiT)" Masters.

Feel free to send a sample track (wav, aiff, flac) so you can hear our work.
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